It dawns on me that I don’t want to write or create art if I don’t have an audience.  Which shows me that some of what I do is for the approval and affirmation of others.  But that doesn’t mean it’s the only reason I do what I do.

There’s a valuable tension that comes from having an audience.

Because writing in a vacuum doesn’t hold me accountable for the things I say, nor does it provide any kind of risk for doing so.  It’s easy to say whatever I want if there’s nobody on the other end calling bullshit.

When people push back against what I have to say it is an opportunity to really own my thoughts and ideas.  To fully back them up.  The weight of an audience refines my thought process and invites me to own my words instead of just saying them.

Sometimes resistance can make us back down.  Sometimes I have to say something out loud to realize how dumb it sounds (i.e. my stand up comedy).  But resistance does its best work when it forces us to own our perspective and stand our ground.  Because actually owning our thoughts, values and ideals is a hell of a lot harder in the face of resistance than it is when everyone is cheering and singing our praises.

Its easy to be the revolutionary when everyone is on your side.  Its another thing to have the guts to say what’s on your mind when you’re the only one that thinks it.

I make art and I want you to see it.  Sometimes I’m insecure and I want you to like me.  But I also want the push back.  And I want to dance with you.  Because despite my fleeting insecurities, I do have something to say, and I really need to hear myself say it.

Now it’s your turn.  What do you need to get off your chest?

Speak your mind below.


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