Some would say that what you believe is paramount to what you do in regard to the Gospel, emphasizing correct doctrine over meeting the needs of the less fortunate.  Others would disagree suggesting that meeting such needs is the only way to truly live out the Gospel. Jesus said that when we feed and clothe […]Continue Reading


God is at work in this world. He’s been at it since before the beginning, and I believe He will follow it through to the end. He’s inviting us into the redemptive work He’s doing in the ‘here and now’ as he continues to pursue humanity with reckless abandon.  A ‘recklessness’ that takes a demotion, […]Continue Reading


Doesn’t it seem odd when the Bible is presented as a puzzle to be figured out?  Like if we could just get the pieces to fit together in the right order everything would make sense?  But isn’t this approach of ‘figuring out what God wants me to do and doing it’ just another form of […]Continue Reading