God is at work in this world.

He’s been at it since before the beginning, and I believe He will follow it through to the end.

He’s inviting us into the redemptive work He’s doing in the ‘here and now’ as he continues to pursue humanity with reckless abandon.  A ‘recklessness’ that takes a demotion, that stoops, and that suffers.

But I think there is an important distinction between joining God in the redemptive work he is doing in others– and accepting that we are the ‘others’ He is redeeming.  Because I believe we have been chosen by God to be the focus of His unfathomable love- not to be mere peddlers of it.

Because religion is our carefully crafted pursuit of God, while Jesus is God personified in pre-meditated pursuit of us.

So I don’t think God is calling me to ‘share’ His love with others insomuch as He is calling me into His love- to be wrecked by it in such a way that others can’t help but be drawn in as well.   And it’s important to acknowledge that it is God at work within us (and God alone) that produces such power.

Because I see a lot of people ‘selling’ God’s love, but I don’t see many leaning into it.

One approach has me pounding the pavement as a salesman for God’s love- while the other leaves me feeling pounded into the pavement under the heaviness of God’s awesome and unthinkable love.

Not a ‘pounding’ that says if we don’t let God love us, we’re going to hell- but a ‘pounding’ that weighs on us as it reveals to us that ‘we are loved by God- right here, and right now- so deal with it’.

Because, if you’ve ever been assaulted by the love of God, then you know it to be a violent love that bears down on your soul when you least expect it.  It makes you instantly aware of your utter insufficiency to be the recipient of such love, but yet it sucks you in regardless.  With the gravitational pull of a black hole it leaves you reeling helplessly- half of you resisting, and the other half relieved.

If the love of God is unable to weaken us at the knees (let alone wreck us) then it might be worth investigating into whether or not we have bought into the authentic love of God- or a black market counterfeit that fell out the back of a truck.

Because some would have us believe that God is recruiting for Sales positions.

As if the world is a cocktail party that God needs me to network on His behalf.  As if I’m selling Amway or Avon or Tupperware, and it’s up to me to expand the multi-level marketing empire known as the Kingdom of God.

Which leaves me wondering if we are seeking first the Kingdom, or the Corporation of God.

Because although the job perks, 401k and health benefits might be pretty good (and the retirement plan is ‘out of this world’), there might be something more for us than settling for the ‘Corporate American Gospel’.

If the ‘Good News’ of the Gospel boils down to information that needs to be packaged and broadcasted, then we need to get off our collective asses and get this show on the road.

If this is the case, we need a better marketing strategy, more investment capital and a revamp of our PowerPoint deck- because it’s 2,000+ years later and we’re still behind the eight-ball on our quota, and the current pipeline looks like a steaming turd.

But is God really recruiting a sales force?  Can we reduce the redemptive work of God down to a marketing push?  What if we suck at selling stuff?  And what if it isn’t God- but me that others aren’t buying into?

If God is counting on me in this capacity, we are all so screwed.  Because my sales are down, my prospects are low and my effing TPS report just jammed in the copier.

You might be able to shoulder the weight of redeeming humanity, but not me.

There are approximately seven billion people in the world.  And it’s becoming abundantly clear to me that of these billions of people, my ‘target market’ consists of exactly one person whose response to God I have any semblance of influence over.


So I am through with sales pitches.

And I’m done trying to carry the weight of humanity on my outstretched arms.  It’s time for me to step off of the cross and remind myself that Jesus already beat me to that punch.

So please pardon me as I retire my self-righteous sales strategy so that I can crash and burn in the Love of God.  Excuse my loud sobbing as I ponder the brilliance of the collective Fall and Redemption of mankind as being God’s ‘plan A’.

I’m sorry, but I just cant help but fall apart when I contemplate a Love that would lay it all on the line for me.  As cocky as I have been for my entire life, it’s all just a silly front I hide behind while wondering at the deepest depths of my soul what it is that God sees so worth loving in me.

This contemplation is part of what I affectionately refer to as getting ‘wrecked in the love of God’.

It in these brief but beautiful moments that I somehow know that everything is going to be ok.

So if anybody needs me I’ll be in the fetal position on the floor getting wrecked by God’s overwhelming love.


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