Is it possible that underneath all of the fighting, fear mongering, and self-righteousness of this election season lies a genuine desire for connection? Even as I write this I am confronted with an awareness of how much I want my words to count for something.  I want to be heard.  I want to matter.  And […]Continue Reading


Growing up I thought the function of my church was to preserve, protect, and promote the good news of the Gospel to others.  This required the correct information be kept intact through devout repetition and memorization to ensure that it could be passed on to the next generation of preservers, protectors, and promoters. But the […]Continue Reading


For some reason I crave Chick-fil-a chicken on Sundays more than any other day of the week.  Probably because they are closed on Sundays. Although I can respect Chick-fil-a’s desire to incorporate their religious values into their business practices, I’m not sure what fried chicken, closing our doors on Sundays, or opposing gay marriage has […]Continue Reading


I found this picture of myself from when I turned six years old.  I’m at my backyard birthday party eating the same strawberry cake my mother still makes me every year and laughing with my off-camera buddies. I was in the Garden of Eden. Sitting plopped in grass I’d worn thin, my glove by my […]Continue Reading


In Sunday School I was taught to love others by doing nice things for them.  Which is good I guess- but then again that set me up to believe that doing things had something important to do with love. I wish someone would have taught me how to let myself be loved instead. Because letting […]Continue Reading


Several weeks after releasing and garnering over 100,000,000 views for his magnum-opus KONY 2012, director and Invisible Children founder Jason Russell has apparently lost his mind.  He has been transported to a medical facility by police after allegedly running naked in the streets of San Diego while publicly masturbating and vandalizing cars. When I first […]Continue Reading


Abstinence from viewing porn often amplifies the desire to see more, while ‘accountability partners’ can sometimes use guilt and shame in an attempt to control ‘bad’ behavior.  This approach to addiction is like trying to turn off the ‘check engine light’ instead of letting a mechanic take a look under the hood. Some would have […]Continue Reading


I prefer a transactional dynamic in regard to my interactions with God.  A sort of ‘give and take’ whereas I do my part, and He does His.  I go to church, I give to charity, I love my neighbor, and in return He keeps me safe and pays my bills. This approach allows me to […]Continue Reading


Some would say that what you believe is paramount to what you do in regard to the Gospel, emphasizing correct doctrine over meeting the needs of the less fortunate.  Others would disagree suggesting that meeting such needs is the only way to truly live out the Gospel. Jesus said that when we feed and clothe […]Continue Reading


God is at work in this world. He’s been at it since before the beginning, and I believe He will follow it through to the end. He’s inviting us into the redemptive work He’s doing in the ‘here and now’ as he continues to pursue humanity with reckless abandon.  A ‘recklessness’ that takes a demotion, […]Continue Reading