I hear a lot of Christians say that God wants to have all of me.  But sometimes it’s said in such a way that leaves me feeling like if I’m not willing to give God all of me than He doesn’t want any of me.

But what if God really is in love with me and is willing to take what he can get?  What if he will stop at nothing to get what he wants and in so doing will even take the seconds, the scraps and the leftovers?

Because a god who wants all or nothing sounds like a god who has never been in love before.

But a God that will take what he can get is blinded by love and has a plan for me that He has no intention of messing up- regardless of how much I do or don’t give him.

This God doesn’t need me to prove anything to Him.  He wants to give- not take.  Perhaps if I want to experience the good things He has for me I might need to make a little room in my hands so I can receive them.

Maybe I need to let go of whatever I’m hanging on to.

The God I have experienced is in it for the long haul.  He doesn’t require that I be willing to give him everything all at once.  He is far less concerned about what I can give Him than He is about what He wants to give me.

Because this God is in love with me.  He isn’t trying to trick me or ask me to prove I’m worth loving.

He just loves us.

And he says we’re enough.

He goes to great lengths to show me that there’s nothing I need to do, or think or believe to deserve or be worthy of such ridiculousness.

So maybe I just need to learn to let go.

What are you holding onto that you wanna let go of?


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